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Examine Your Tub or Shower Floor

Take a few minutes to closely examine your own bathtub, whirlpool or shower floor. The floor area may possibly be in need of repair if the floor has any movement or cracks in it. (We are now looking at acrylic or fiberglass surfaces rather than porcelain.)

Here are a few simple things you can do yourself:

  1. Get a work light or lamp (rather than a flashlight) and a pair of needle nosed pliers (or something similar).
  2. Look closely for any cracks.
  3. If you find any cracks, simply check to see if that area has any movement to it. Push on the area with your hand. If there is no movement tap the area lightly with the needle nosed pliers and check by ear if the area near the crack has any hollow sound compared to the rest of the floor.
  4. If the area is firm and there is no movement, this is most likely not in need of repair unless you are concerned about aesthetics. Fiberglass can crack from aging and some cracks, like spider cracks, may have been in the surface from the original installation of the tub or shower and never noticed.
  5. If you can hear a hollow sound or there is slight movement only in the area of the crack this may well be a delamination. A delamination is a separation of the bottom surface that you see, from the bottom board that was put on the under surface for support in the factory. A fiberglass/resin mixture can be injected through a small hole in the floor and this area can easily be firmed up and the crack repaired to save your floor from more extensive damage.
  6. If you step in your tub or shower and it moves at all, this area can usually be repaired and the movement stopped before any cracks even appear. At times the bottom (support) boards will be broken loose or possibly not have been firmly attached in the manufacturing of the unit. These can also many times be repaired from the bathing surface.
  7. FIRST- Check to see if your tub, whirlpool or shower may still be under factory warranty. Some have 1, 3, 5 or even 10 year factory warranties.
  8. Even with extensive repairs done through the floor surface, a nice new surface can be applied after the repair is done.
  9. Call us if you have any questions. We will be glad to help you determine if your unit can be repaired.