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Chrome & Metal Bathroom Fixture Cleaning

Depending upon the quality & hardness of the water in your home you will have varying degrees of particles that are deposited on your chrome or other metallic bathroom fixtures. These can be mineral deposits or even rust particles from iron and/or manganese in your water.

If your fixtures are older you can use Turtle Wax Chrome Polish and Rust Remover to clean your fixtures. Motorcycle enthusiasts state that this product is a little too abrasive for newer metals and may leave minute scratches because of abrasives in the liquid.

The very finest products that we can recommend for your metal bathroom fixtures are made by MAAS. Their Maas Metal Polish (Concentrated Creme) and other protective products are pricey but extremely effective in protecting and extending the life of metals that are exposed to water. You can view their website and their many products at www.maasinc.com.

Check the "Routine Cleaning" section of the "Shower, Tub and Whirlpool Surface Care" page for the soap/white vinegar mix for bathroom fixture cleaning. This or Comet Bathroom Cleaner spray are also very good.

If you find any more effective cleaners we would be happy to add them to our website. Just let us know.